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Novis is certified by AWS in SAP consulting competency

Last updated : June 15, 2021
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Novis is certified by AWS in SAP consulting competency

Novis was recently certified in AWS SAP Competency last September. This certification endorses that the company has expertise in the SAP® products domain and that it has developed innovative solutions leveraging AWS services. Novis is one of the first AWS partners in Latin America to obtain this certification. See more in Novis, AWS partner.

Alexandra Lobos, CCO at Novis, says: “This project took us 12 months. We wanted AWS to certify our processes and our professionals, which, along with our SAP certifications, ensures a first-class service to our clients”.

Emanuel Xifré, AWS Partner Development Manager Chile & Perú, adds about this important news:” This is an extraordinary milestone that reflects a disciplined, organized, and committed work. It is a pleasure to be with a partner who has a high commitment to dedication and quality”. The external auditor in charge of the certification process specified in its report details of what they were able to verify:

  • “The partner has developed a sound IT Auditing methodology to periodically verify that the security and operational excellence processes are achieving the expected results”.
  • “The partner has developed well-defined and standardized SAP documentation procedures, as well as a methodology applied to all its SAP on AWS practices.


How are our clients benefited?

AWS can accelerate digital transformation in your company, enhancing SAP solutions, as infrastructure costs in the cloud are evermore lower, flexibility is unmatched, and there are plenty of successful experiences. Whether you seek to improve and change the SAP environments to reduce costs or go beyond infrastructure to innovate in the main business lines, at Novis we can help you.

Our services have been designed for a comprehensive control of the operations of SAP solutions on AWS cloud, comprising the complete evaluation process and migration to the cloud, from the business case to make the decision, up to the execution of the migration to AWS, of both the client’s SAP and non-SAP solutions. We can also assist with the systems’ operation, allowing for a subsequent migration to SAP S/4HANA or harness new digital transformation tools and integrate SAP with advanced analytics.

We have the necessary experience to ensure that this transition is imperceptible and to leverage all the benefits that may be obtained from AWS.

Further information about our Novis SAP services.

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Article by Gilda Valderrama, Novis Bulletin editor.


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