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Our service is designed to fully manage the operation of SAP® solutions, covering the entire process of evaluating and executing the cloud migration, from the business case to make the decision, to the migration itself and systems operation, allowing you to harness the power of the new digital transformation tools.

We have the necessary experience to ensure that this transition is imperceptible and that you will leverage all the benefits offered by public cloud. Novis is the best option for SAP on Public cloud.

10 reasons to operate SAP on public cloud

one Higher infrastructure availability as a standard - a natural result of the distributed cloud concept and automated backups.
two Disaster Recovery solutions easier implementation and lower costs.
three Operation with close-fitting infrastructure capacities at lower costs, with no need for oversizing.
four Easier dynamic and over time scalability, capable of absorbing seasonal demand peaks.
five Infrastructure cost optimization, making the most of the different pricing options offered by AWS. For example, for systems that operate exclusively during office hours, or for historic systems which are uploaded only on demand.
six Easier and lower cost provisioning of on demand systems for limited periods of time. For example, SAP sandboxes, projects or testing environments.
seven Higher security with configuration options. Many more certifications and compliances available for all type of sensitive industries, compared to any local datacenter.
eight Lower communications costs. Direct access over the Internet, from different cities and countries, with no need for a WAN
nine Possibility of replacing systems (non-SAP) by AWS services. For example, Active Directory services, DNS services, managed database services, load balancing services, etc.
ten Access to all of AWS’ services portfolio, beyond the infrastructure Core Services, for innovation and digital transformation projects

For the realization of all these advantages, the partner delivering the services must also be a SAP certified partner and have sufficient experience in migrating and operating SAP systems on public cloud.


The most complete and advanced service: We offer a wide range of comprehensive services, designed to help you harness the power of SAP solutions and drive greater efficiency across your organization, while you can focus on your core business. Our SAP AMS service delivers the operational continuity your business requires. We take care of solving any functional or operational incident that may alter the operation of SAP. Our functional consulting increases value contribution and user satisfaction with the system via a continuous enhancement process. We provide a controlled management of the required SAP functional enhancements and changes, regulated by SLAs that guarantee high-quality results, within budgets and committed deadlines.

Certified processes and professionals: Novis’ SAP AMS service is periodically certified by SAP for all layers: Cloud infrastructure Operations, HANA Operations, Hosting Operations, and Application Operations. We are currently certified in applications operation for its two specialized variants: SAP for Business Suite and SAP S/4HANA. In total, we have 8 SAP certifications. We are Advanced Consulting Partners and are finalizing the SAP Competency certification. Our team of more than 100 consultants is constantly training on functional and operational matters. We currently have over a dozen certifications in Public cloud, more than 80 in SAP, in agile methodologies, etc.

Extensive experience: We have been working with Public cloud since 2015, having migrated and deployed SAP solutions in Public cloud for more than 15 clients, including legacy ERP systems, ERP on HANA, S/4HANA systems, retail industry solutions, etc. These implementations include advanced solutions for monitoring, backups, high availability, disaster recovery, and operations automation, that make use of the advantages offered by the Public cloud. We are Latin America’s most experienced partner in SAP solutions migration and operation in Public cloud.

Automated platform: Our operations unit includes a DevOps team for the development of automation on Public cloud. For example, we have developed automated operations for: SAP landscape provisioning, sandboxes, etc.; uploads and downloads; massive operations (daylight savings time changes); orchestration of HA and DR procedures; on demand backups and daily verifications, etc. Benefits of automatization for the client:

  • Fewer operation errors
  • Better requests response and solution times
  • Possibility of using on demand SAP environments, with programmed schedules or when required


CasaIdeas migrated its SAP solutions to public cloud transparently to users

The project included almost 200 integrations with legacy systems in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, and Chile, as well as in distribution centers in each country, and was done in remote mode.

"Novis is a very good partner, they advise us well. We have a long trustworthy relationship, and we choose them for strategic issues. Projects work as planned jointly, with no unpleasant surprises.”

Jane García, Business Applications Assistant Manager at CasaIdeas.

Hortifrut, the world’s main blueberry producer, migrates SAP solutions to public cloud

Hortifrut required a platform capable of coping with its dynamism, for it plans to duplicate its exports volume in the short term.

“Novis has demonstrated to be a partner of excellency in terms of SAP experience and cloud technologies, which gives us in Hortifrut peace of mind in having a strategic partner who will continue to guide us in our future initiatives.”

Javier Mardones, Corporate Assistant Manager for IT Operational Continuity at Hortifrut Chile.

FIFCO, a company with more than 110 years of experience, will migrate its SAP to GCP

FIFCO selected Novis in 2020 as its partner to ensure optimal operation of its SAP solutions on Google Cloud Platform.

“Novis will be their partner in the migration and to ensure an optimal operation of their SAP solutions on GCP. It is a comprehensive service, in alliance with Rackspace”
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For those interested in evaluating SAP to Public cloud migrations, we offer to develop together, interactively, direct and transparently, the exercises to define and architecture and economical valuation of the required Public cloud infrastructure.

We invite you to discuss how we can help solve your requirements with our services. Contact us.