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Novis is certified as AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Last updated : July 22, 2020
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Novis is certified as AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Novis recently upgraded its certification level as AWS Partner to the Consulting Partner, level Advanced category. With this, Novis joins an exclusive group of AWS partners in Chile and the Americas, who help clients of all sizes design, project, create, migrate, and manage workloads and applications on AWS.

AWS consulting partners are organized into four categories: Registered, Select, Advanced, and Premier. The Advanced level obtained by Novis certifies that we have many professionals duly accredited and certified, sufficient experience with clients, and that we permanently drive a significant volume of business that include AWS components. But, more importantly, this certification will allow Novis to advance even further as a certified AWS partner, as it officially grants access to the AWS Competency Program, in which we have already been working for some time, specifically to certify our SAP on AWS competencies.

Novis has eight certifications conferred by SAP® to its sales, implementation, and operation partners, almost all that are possible (see our SAP certifications in detail). The SAP Competency certification conferred by AWS will specifically validate Novis’ capabilities to deploy, migrate, and operate SAP solutions on AWS cloud. We will keep you informed about this new certification in future bulletins.

Novis is the leading SAP service provider in Chile and Mexico, developing business activities jointly with SAP and AWS throughout the Americas and Spain. We have migrated and deployed SAP solutions on AWS for more than 15 clients, including traditional ERP systems, ERP on HANA, S/4HANA systems, retail industry solutions, etc. These implementations include advanced solutions for monitoring, backups, high availability, disaster recovery, and operations automation, leveraging the advantages that the AWS public cloud offers (see certifications and client cases on AWS).

AWS is the world’s leading provider of public cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS). The adoption of public clouds is an undisputable tendency nowadays. 61% of organizations have already deployed something on AWS, an additional 16% are in experimentation, and 7% in planning phases. Consequently, SAP has launched its Embrace program (see related article) in conjunction with the Hyperscalers, to facilitate the adoption of public clouds by SAP clients when implementing and migrating their solutions.

Public clouds such as AWS offer technological benefits far beyond those of any private or local cloud. The scalability, elasticity, security, and costs are incomparable. AWS certifications seek to ensure that these technological advantages are fully leveraged, and that the architectures used are consistent with their definition of Well Architected Framework, a series of best practices for operational excellence, reliability, security, efficient performance, and cost optimization.

At Novis we help our clients to optimize the complete lifecycle of their SAP solutions. Now, with infrastructure on AWS, we can also help them to take the first step in the adoption of the public cloud, not only for SAP solutions, but also for any application, or for other services available on AWS.

Feedback/discussion with the author: Glen Canessa, Presales Manager at Novis.

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