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SAP RISE or SAP Cloud Native?

Last updated : November 18, 2022
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SAP RISE or SAP Cloud Native?

The advantages of having SAP® solutions in the cloud are unquestionable (see article: Advantages of SAP in the Cloud). This is so true that SAP itself is replacing its old HEC (HANA Enterprise Cloud) offering with a new one, RISE with SAP, where each client must choose one of the three main hyperscalers (AWS, Azure or Google Cloud) when contracting SAP hosting and operation services. This implies that all clients looking to migrate to both cloud and S/4HANA must make this strategic decision: cloud native or RISE with SAP.

When we talk about SAP in cloud native, we refer to an open modality, in public cloud (AWS, GCP or Azure), in which the client can migrate their SAP systems as they are, without being obliged to move from SAP ERP to S/4HANA, nor BW to BW/4HANA, nor PI/PO to CPI in BTP, etc. On the other hand, the client can configure a set of service components according to his needs, in a completely flexible way. It can include non-SAP systems, additional cloud services, and even some of the same services that SAP offers as part of RISE.

The RISE with SAP offering is a set of technologies and services to help the SAP client migrate to S/4HANA, migrate to the cloud and promote digital transformation. As such, this offer includes various SAP products and services (Signavio, Ariba, BTP, etc.) and requires the participation of a certified partner. On the other hand, the project and services are governed by very structured and strict practices and methodologies.

The following are among the most important aspects to consider for this strategic decision:

FlexibilityFlexibility for architecture and initial infrastructure and growth, both for SAP and non-SAP, adjustable according to use.

Security, High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR), customizable according to client needs.

Predefined architecture and infrastructure for SAP at the beginning of the contract, including security, HA and DR.

Predefined growth options.

Strict implementation methodology, with potential additional costs for client non-compliance.

InnovationFully open and native innovation and integration with SAP and hyperscaler services. Not restricted to BTP, nor through BTP.Innovation mainly through S/4HANA and BTP. Possibility to integrate with other hyperscaler services through BTP and CPI.
Service Delivery and agilityFlexibility to adapt the service delivery model according to the client’s capabilities.

Adaptable SLAs.

Direct contact between client and operation/management teams.

Service model defined by SAP for maximum scale economy. Requires client adaptability.

Client-initiated service requirements.

Business/Commercial model and costAdaptable and negotiable cloud infrastructure and services for the entire landscape, SAP, and non-SAP. Not only for S/4HANA. Transparent pricing for each component.

S/4HANA licenses can grow independently.

All-in-one business model, full OPEX and pricing/discounts may be convenient for the client. Three-year contract with little price transparency for each component.


Regarding potential advantages of operating SAP with RISE, Novis SAP Services has been offering the same thing (a one-stop shop) for more than 20 years, making Novis much more experienced than SAP.

The benefits, in both cases, derive mainly from the fact of having a single, integral supplier, which is reflected in:

  • Better governance: one contract, one management.
  • Single person responsible for the service. No gray zones
  • Organization dedicated to service. Integral 99.7% SLA for the entire stack, including SAP.
  • Client support on their way to cloud.
  • Results-oriented service. Wide range of services for the entire SAP solution lifecycle.
  • Reference architectures for cloud deployment, in accordance with SAP and hyperscaler best practices.
  • Robust baseline security and additional services.
  • Open extensibility to all types of tools. BTP included, but not mandatory.
  • Upgrades and updates included in the service.
  • Flexible and predictable business/commercial model.

If you would like to learn more about these concepts, we invite you to contact us.

Feedback/discussion with author Glen Canessa, Novis Director of Pre-sales