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SAP cloud benefits in eight minutes

Last updated : November 18, 2022
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SAP cloud benefits in eight minutes

Did you know that by 2025, 80% of all clients are expected to be using cloud instead of traditional datacenters? In this five-minute video we tell you about the advantages of operating SAP® solutions in a public cloud, what the migration process is like, the critical factors and risks involved, and how Novis can help you in this process.

We invite you to evaluate in detail how to take advantage of greater agility, scalability and security of public clouds, in addition to their tremendous capacity for innovation, thanks to many new tools available at low cost. Project your costs with transparent, public rates without surprises.

We invite you to contact us. At Novis we are working with SAP in public cloud since 2015 and we have already migrated more than 30 clients, large and small, and with different operating systems and databases, also of varied sizes.

Our company can do the migration, both SAP and non-SAP systems, and therefore can help you determine how this should be done, what risks are involved, how long it may take, how much it may cost, etc.

Complementarily, at Novis we can also:

  • Help to define the infrastructure you will need in the cloud, sizing it and evaluating how to deploy it. At the same time, we can operate and manage it.

  • On the other hand, we can install SAP, migrate, manage its complete administration without the need for your company to hire an additional administrator.

  • In addition, we are able to give functional support to SAP systems, make improvements, design and carry out new projects, for example, upgrades, conversions, or the implementation of new functionalities.

  • In parallel, we can take care of licensing and SAP support, if your company has a contract with us, we will become your VAR.

  • Finally, we have the experience to implement new innovative technologies, for example AI, ML, IoT, BI, etc., that are related to SAP, using cloud tools, at a much lower cost.

If you would like to discuss your projects, please contact us.