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Novis offers new service that optimizes the security of SAP solutions

Last updated : February 17, 2022
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Novis offers new service that optimizes the security of SAP solutions

To better support our customers in resolving those issues that concern them, we are continuously evaluating tools and new technologies. In this context, we found a solution in terms of security – something that is increasingly relevant –we think will be a contribution to all and that we already have implemented satisfactorily in our company.

Novis chose Protect4S as an ally and signed an agreement to offer a new service that provides advanced SAP security at affordable prices to companies in Latin America and the USA.

Patricio Renner, CTO of Novis, says: “Observing that the demand for SAP cybersecurity is increasing rapidly, we decided to lead the way with our SAP managed services.  After an extensive proof of concept exercise with Protect4S we were impressed by the number of controls it offers and especially how easy it was to work with them. We look forward to expanding our SAP security services across the Americas in an agile manner and with very attractive pricing for our clients through this partnership.”

Onno Coenen, Singapore-based Protect4S global business leader, adds: “With Novis as a partner, we are taking a big step forward in Latin America, Mexico and the United States. It’s fantastic to see that SAP partners around the world want to work with Protect4S to better protect all SAP systems together.”

Protect4S is a SAP-certified add-on that scans SAP systems automatically for nearly two thousand security checks with the desired frequency (e.g., daily, weekly, or monthly). It automates many processes and guides additional actions through clear dashboards, mitigation plans, and reports.


How can we help you improve your security?

Making use of Protect4S’s functionalities, Novis has designed a new complementary service bundled in a solution that helps raise security levels in SAP environments by continuously facilitating the processes of scanning, analysis, and risk mitigation.  Consequently, this service reduces the possible economic damages resulting from the exploitation of vulnerabilities. It also enables the verification and enforcement of a security baseline in many SAP systems and reduces hazards cost-effectively, comparing risk levels and mitigation efforts. It is a monthly maintenance service and incorporates all the new vulnerabilities published by SAP on the second Tuesday of every month.

Diego Hernández, Cloud Architect at Novis, points out that with Protect4S the specialists can automatically perform all the checks and, in a few hours, validate all the SAP security notifications that apply to each system, give recommendations, and implement proactive measures to handle the threats, providing thus our customers with a safer environment.


The service deliverables are:

  • Graphs and quick assessment reports, with information on SAP layers, operating system, and database, to develop a mitigation plan.

  • Comparison reports between systems, which helps to graphically verify the differences between environments.

  • PDF scan reports with an executive summary and all the security notes relevant to the system with its compliance status, as a deliverable to the customer.


We invite you to contact us to discuss your security challenges and design a custom-made solution for you.


About Protect4S

Protect4S is a certified SAP Platform Security solution that enables SAP security automation and continuous improvement through a repeated scanning-analysis-mitigation process. This is executed on all relevant layers of the operating system, database, and application. Founded in 2010 in the Netherlands, Protect4S is operational for customers and partners around the world. See also https://protect4s.com/

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