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Why Google Cortex is a good fit for SAP solution analysis

Last updated : November 10, 2023
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Why Google Cortex is a good fit for SAP solution analysis

In this article we want to introduce you to a solution that can contribute to the way your organization leverages cloud tools to analyze your SAP data: Google Cloud Cortex Framework.

Cortex is a platform that provides pre-built models and templates for processing and visualizing the main SAP ERP data, which facilitates and accelerates the construction of analytics solutions.

accessibility, flexibility, collaboration, scalability, and cost, which we discussed in the article Advantages and challenges of cloud analytics for companies using SAP.

Today we are going to focus on another crucial aspect: access to a wide range of tools that the cloud has to offer, including Google Cloud Cortex.

SAP solutions are characterized by a high level of complexity, the analysis of which requires technical and specialized knowledge. Cortex has been specifically designed to streamline and optimize SAP data migrations to the cloud, simplifying the process and drastically reducing implementation times for analytics projects. How does it achieve this? Through pre-built data processing and visualization options, making use of reference architecture patterns and packaged services.

Through Cortex, it is now possible to implement the entire data lifecycle for your SAP system (ingestion, storage, processing, and visualization) in weeks instead of months. This provides the ability to obtain critical information, such as:

  • Order fulfillment: how efficient is your supply chain? What percentage of deliveries are on time? What is the average delivery time?
  • Accounts receivable: How much do your clients owe you? How is your collection process? Who are your main debtors?

Once your SAP data is loaded into the platform, Cortex makes it easy to integrate and cross-reference this data with information from other systems or public data. This enables advanced analytics, such as correlating product demand with weather conditions or Google.com search trends. It also gives you the ability to make accurate forecasts about future demand for your products, using GCP’s Machine Learning platform as a basis.

The information can be visualized in dashboards such as the following:

It is important to note that once your company is on Google Cloud, you will not be charged for the use of Cortex Platform and its pre-built features. The costs are associated with the services used in the underlying Google Cloud Platform (GCP) infrastructure, such as Google Cloud Storage, Dataflow, BigQuery or Vertex AI. This allows full control over your cloud expenses.

At Novis, we have a team of specialists with experience and expertise in: SAP data mining, Data Analytics and the GCP platform, which are the foundation for a successful implementation of Cortex in your company, thus unlocking the potential of your data and accelerating your digital transformation.

If you are interested in exploring how Google Cloud Cortex can drive efficiency, decision making and growth for your organization, please feel free to contact us.

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