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We introduce Novis Cloud Analytics

Last updated : August 5, 2022
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We introduce Novis Cloud Analytics

Do you need to analyze SAP® data in a flexible, quick, and safe way?

We have something that may be of interest to you: a product designed by Novis’ Analytics team to facilitate data analysis from your SAP solutions. It speeds up business deliverables and reduces risks, complexity, and costs.

We integrate SAP with cloud technologies in order to get a very flexible analytics solution that can be implemented in three months and at a very competitive price.

It provides a database with information related to the most demanded SAP modules: finance, purchases, and sales. After implementation, you will count on a robust platform that you can keep adjusting.

What is included?

  • A predefined solution that includes a database of three SAP modules:
    • o Finance
    • o Purchases
    • o Sales
  • Excel display panels: with information of each module and master data.
  • Novis Cloud Analytics is based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) tools.

It is very flexible, both regarding data sources that can be integrated and the way such data can be obtained:

    • It allows you to connect to multiple data sources: RRSS, Google Drive, ServiceNow, SalesForce, etc.
    • You can use display tools of your preference: Excel, PowerBI, Tableau, QuickSight, etc., maintaining a high report performance.
    • After initial implementation, you can keep expanding and customizing this solution according to business requirements.
    • Since it is a cloud solution, it’s very easy to escalate and uses all AWS security strengths and access controls. We mention this on on Six reasons why you should consider Cloud Analytics.

Novis Cloud Analytics is a platform that takes data analysis to a new level. It will speed up the ability of your company to digitalize and transform your business, disclosing new information based on your data.

To learn more about Novis Cloud Analytics please , please contact us.

Article by Gilda Valderrama, Novis Newsletter Editor.

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