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Port of Valparaiso upgrades its SAP systems successfully

Last updated : August 27, 2020
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Port of Valparaiso upgrades its SAP systems successfully

Empresa Portuaria Valparaíso (EPV) recently concluded the successful update of its SAP® solutions, which will allow them to migrate in the future to cloud services and integrate a wide variety of tools available in public clouds.

The project was carried out in remote mode by Novis, manager of the operation and continuity of their SAP and EPV solutions.

Federico Melo, Systems and Logistics Processes Manager at Puerto Valparaíso, highlights about the work done that “it was an orderly project with adequate planning that lasted for over three months and involved a significant part of our work teams. Over that period, over 700 test cases were built, documented and executed, giving us sufficient confidence that the change process would be successful. With minor impact during the migration process and uninterrupted operations continuity, no processes were disturbed.”

Puerto Valparaíso operates with SAP solutions since 2012 and Novis manages their operation since 2016. The ERP to EHP8 upgrade project, which also included operating system and database updates, began during the COVID19 quarantine, and was carried out remotely between April and August 2020.

José Peñailillo, EPV ‘s project manager, adds that “for this project’s success, a well-done planning was crucial. Out Gantt chart was incredibly detailed, specifying even when each user was to be available to perform tests. Novis provided an excellent team of consultants, always vigilant and available to help users with the tests. Deadlines were observed. Access to a Sandbox architecture was also important”.

Likewise, Federico Melo affirms that “it is vital to rely on a partner who can convey enough confidence to undertake such a process. In this sense, more than thinking about the possibility of not coming across problems along the road, you must be certain that your partner will be able to solve those difficulties encountered”.


Evaluation of their SAP solutions operation

In 2016, EPV issued a request for proposals for Hosting and Management services of its SAP technology platform and related systems with the purpose of achieving the operational continuity and governance required by the port management business processes’ criticality which these tools handle. Novis submitted its SAP AMS services and was the selected provider.

“We consider Novis to be an excellent partner. They have the experience, knowledge and professional teams who can cover the complete scope of SAP systems management. They have been available every time when needed, always contributing with a long-term vision”, points out Federico Melo.

Furthermore, José Peñailillo complemented that “I have working in the SAP world since 2019 and have felt comfortable. The Novis team is proactive, answering our requests through their services portal in a timely manner. The ticket system of Novis’ helpdesk allows for a detailed follow-up of every issue. They trained us well, and by applying their methodology everything ends up well-organized and documented”.

Pere Palés, Business Manager at Novis, added that “the coordination and day to day work with EPV’s team has been completely synchronized. This project has been carried out 100% in remote mode, using the most appropriate technological tools for its execution, with all the assurances, at all times, which only reaffirms our confidence in Novis – the facts prove it – regarding the efficacy of the design and execution of this type of project with distributed work teams.


Empresa Portuaria Valparaíso (EPV)

The city of Valparaíso is home to the main container and passenger port of Chile. Operating since 1810, Puerto Valparaíso has coexisted closely with the city’s and country’s development. Managed under a landlord model, its authority is Empresa Portuaria Valparaíso , an organization established in December 1997.

The institution’s strategic guidelines contemplate key challenges for a modern port: expand its infrastructure capacity according to demand; increase its logistic effectiveness and efficiency; and promote a sustainable development, strongly oriented towards citizen welfare.

Puerto Valparaíso has four concessions with which it boosts the port’s competitiveness regarding logistics, safety and technology, in an innovation framework that is harmonious with the city’s sustainable development. Currently, it houses two of the most important harbors in the country, Terminal Pacífico Sur (TPS) and Terminal Cerros de Valparaíso (TCVAL), as well as the main cruise ship terminal (VTP). It also manages an important public space, the pier Paseo Muelle Prat, an iconic landmark and, without any doubt, one of the city’s most classic postcard images.

It provides services to the central region of Chile and to the Mendoza province, in Argentina, serving a potential market of almost 11 million people. Handling over 10 million tons of cargo yearly, more than 500 thousand trucks and almost 400 ships, it is a most relevant port for fruit, wine, copper and food exports, as well as iron, industrial products, medicine, technology and retail imports.

Puerto Valparaíso has a solid logistics model, the only one of its type in Chile, which allows for an efficient control of the port logistics chain. This model is based on a pioneering information system in the country, developed by EPV, which interconnects all the port logistics chain stakeholders, both public and private. Through this logistics model, the movement of cargo and of document and information processes flows synchronized.


EPV’s current challenges

Federico Melo, Systems and Logistics Processes Manager at EPV, tells us that “EPV has several challenges ahead, both from a logistics, port infrastructure and digital transformation of the logistics chain perspective, and also with regard to processes, technologies and services oriented towards improving the port’s competitiveness in a comprehensive manner”.

On a different area, ratifying Valparaíso’s port vocation is also a challenge. “This is a fundamental step which will enable us to continue to be a trustworthy, safe, and efficient port, providing an excellent service and adequately involved with the city and its development. This undisputable vocation must be necessarily sustained by a port expansion proposal to be real soon, towards 2025, increasing the port’s capacity in order to satisfy the country’s demand, as well as contribute to the recovery of a city that needs development drivers and benefits for the population”, says Melo.

The Port of Valparaíso provides services related to the port, the supporting logistics infrastructure, connectivity networks, information and technology systems, processes, knowledge and human capital. Its business areas are Port Concession, Multi-operated Terminal, and Logistics Support Extension Zone Concession (ZEAL, Zona Extraportuaria de Apoyo Logístico).

EPV’s Systems Manager explains that Valparaíso is a comprehensive port community, consolidated for over 15 years, and is one of the first logistics community formally established in the country. More than 25 organizations participate, primarily customers and direct users of the port, such as shipping companies, terminals, operators and warehouses.

“These stakeholders in the logistics and maritime activities, grouped in the Valparaíso Logistics Forum (FOLOVAP, Foro Logístico de Valparaíso), have played active roles in the objective of integrating, facilitating and achieving excellency in all those processes involved in the foreign trade logistics chain flowing through Valparaíso, promoting innovative solutions and contributing in the creation of added value and in the port’s competitiveness. The consolidation of the port’s efficiency and the path towards digital transformation, making it one of the leading-edge ports in South America, is the result of EPV’s and FOLOVAP’s members’ joint efforts”, Melo concludes.

At Novis we will be vigilant to support EPV in all these challenges, delivering an optimal management of their SAP solutions and ensuring their operational continuity.



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Report by Gilda Valderrama, Novis Bulletin editor.

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