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PIASA Group boosts its SAP system by migrating to GCP

Last updated : November 18, 2022
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PIASA Group boosts its SAP system by migrating to GCP

PIASA Group (Promotora Industrial Azucarera S.A. DE C.V.) is a Mexican company engaged in sugar production. It has industrial facilities dedicated to the milling and processing of sugar cane, located in the states of Veracruz, Oaxaca, and San Luis de Potosí.

Its production represents 10% of the country’s total and it has a 35% market share in the production of refined sugar, figures that make it a leader in its field. At the same time, it also participates in the production of electric energy from the biomass resulting from bagasse, a waste product from sugarcane milling, which also enables it to generate clean energy.

In 2017, PIASA Group decided to implement the SAPS/4 HANA business management system and chose Novis as its partner in the operation of its SAP solutions.

The following video tells us about the migration of SAP solutions to GCP (Google Cloud Platform) project, with Novis in charge:

In summary: PIASA Group has made a true digital transformation hand in hand with SAP, with Novis in charge of the migration process from a private cloud to the GCP (Google Cloud Platform) public cloud.

Novis proposed to PIASA to take their SAP solutions to the GCP cloud, which aligned with their IT strategy: move more services to the cloud and outsource those infrastructure functions. They saw this as a great opportunity to increase future flexibility in services and improve implementation time for new business requirements, as well as to further increase resilience by having a global infrastructure and a greater number of communication points and redundancy in their capabilities.

The project was carried out according to plan and for the business it was a silent project, that is to say, users did not perceive a change, although the connections were updated (SAP Logon), the rest of their operation was for them “the same as always”.

Today they have more flexibility, they have the possibility to change, grow or adjust their resources, with a response time that is not possible with physical facilities such as the on-premise model.

Grupo PIASA says that Novis has been an excellent business partner, both companies have had a very professional and open collaboration, where the technical expertise has been a key support.

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