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Novis SAP AMS Service for SAP RISE

Last updated : November 29, 2022
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Novis SAP AMS Service for SAP RISE

RISE with SAP is a set of technologies and services to help the SAP customer migrate to S/4HANA and/or the cloud, to promote digital transformation. As such, this offer presented in January 2021, includes various SAP products and services (Signavio, Ariba, BTP, etc.) and requires the participation of a certified partner. On the other hand, the project and services are governed by very structured and strict practices and methodologies, as we explained in the article SAP in Cloud Native or RISE with SAP?

Some clients in Latin America have already entered in this new scheme, which includes, among other things, the hosting and basic operation of SAP S/4HANA in the cloud of one of the three main Hyperscalers (AWS, Azure or GCP).

While the RISE service includes much of what is required to operate the solution, SAP clearly specifies that certain responsibilities remain on the client’s side. The RISE operation is standardized and automated to achieve large scale economies. Therefore, for everything that goes outside standards, the client needs to take the initiative and make specific requirements to SAP ECS (Enterprise Cloud Services).

On the other hand, SAP client service is not oriented to end users, but to an expert partner. This person must understand how to interact with SAP, provide detailed technical information, participate in specialized meetings, and understand the practices established by SAP for this service. In general, the right profile for this position is that of a Basis Consultant.

For this reason, in Novis we have structured a variant of our recognized SAP AMS Service, specialized for this case. Based on our experience with clients who already operate with this modality, or who are moving towards it, we have designed this new service: SAP AMS for RISE, which contemplates assigning a professional to each company, partially or totally, and with the necessary practices to interact with the SAP RISE service. In addition, as in all Novis SAP AMS services, the client has a management methodology and its own tools. In the case of requiring additional services, in the SAP functional or technical area, the components can be combined and integrated into a single service, with integral management and a single contract, among other things.

One of its important advantages lies in the fact that Novis is an important partner of the three main Hyperscalers (Azure, AWS and GCP), with which RISE works. Novis has extensive experience in deploying and operating the services of these three Hyperscalers. Therefore, this allows it to leverage operation of the SAP solution in the cloud, as well as to complement it with the operation of non-SAP solutions or services that the client has in the same, or in another cloud.

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Feedback/discussion with author Glen Canessa, Novis Presales Director.