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Novis, first company to obtain SAP DevOps certification for internal operation

Last updated : August 26, 2019
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Novis, first company to obtain SAP DevOps certification for internal operation
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An applications management service must pursue several objectives: operate with zero incidents, up-to-date platforms, and respond quickly and correctly to clients’ requirements. Currently, the operating mode established in the market is based on task execution done by expert professionals and has, consequently, a series of problems. First, the most obvious: it is subject to human error. In the end, even a practiced expert can make mistakes. Second, it leaves decisions in the hands of a consultant, which results in loss of homogeneity in the platforms. And third, task opportunities are constrained by the availability of the experts.

In the article DevOps, the future of IT is already here, from June 2017, we reported that after starting with cloud implementations, we had begun to fully adopt the DevOps model and automate all Novis operations, to avoid human error (the automation code is extensively tested before being put into production), ensure an homogeneous platform, accelerate times, and transfer to everyone the knowledge and definitions made by Novis’ most experienced consultants and, whenever applicable, SAP best practices.

We have just completed the review of all our operations processes, as well as the evaluation of the project team’s knowledge in the required methodologies and tools. Everything was verified by SAP auditors from Germany, and we are the first company to obtain the SAP DevOps certification, after it launched the ramp-up with five European companies.

This certification guarantees that the process for the creation of automated processes itself follows the industry’s best practices, thus ensuring that the service that is supported by them is more robust.

The following are some of the advantages:

Increased reliability: Automated events management ensures that early warnings anticipate incidents, which will be handled automatically, without going through the response times of a service desk.

Higher security:Client infrastructure provisioning is automatically deployed and incorporates the exhaustive security definitions made by our architecture division. Additionally, various control mechanisms verify that systems maintain security rules.

More agility: Not depending on human times, many update and change processes require minimal or no maintenance windows.

In short, we believe that with this certification we took another leading step for applications management in Latin America.

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