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Maintenance notifications in SAP Fiori, in real time and without S/4HANA

Last updated : May 20, 2022
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Maintenance notifications in SAP Fiori, in real time and without S/4HANA
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Nowadays, where moving towards digital transformation is essential to companies, improving the execution times of corrective maintenance tasks and generating maintenance notifications with timely, reliable, and comprehensive information is a real challenge for most SAP ERP clients that do not yet have SAP S/4HANA.  To help with this, in 2018 we developed a mobile tool to register real-time data using a smartphone or tablet at the location where the technician is, enabling the generation of real-time maintenance notifications. SAP Fiori’s user-friendly and intuitive interface facilitates the task of recording information on-site and allows the attachment of photos, videos, audios, or other types of documents. As a result, it is possible to have better data available to understand the problem and perform reliable engineering.

As a result of this interaction, maintenance management and planning times for non-routine tasks can be reduced, with the generation of maintenance notifications and their completion on-site. This is important because timely notifications improve planification times, leading to reduced costs associated with obtaining the necessary resources. In addition, the operational process becomes 100% paperless, with the consequent savings, less errors, and better experience for users.

The solution is quite affordable, as it does not require the use of expensive hardware. No additional SAP Fiori technical resources or licenses are required. If the client already has SAP Fiori, the same implementation is used. Otherwise, we can provide the necessary platform. Also, users can use low-cost devices, such as iOS or Android smartphones or tablets.

This tool is already in operation for clients in different industries, such as Metro and Agrosuper, among others.

It is a quick deployment kit since it uses the SAP PM functionality through Fiori. In only two weeks, the client can explore the solution in his own testing environment. And it can be configured and put into production within eight weeks. The project requires the participation of the maintenance planning and the plant operations areas.

This solution allows to create different types of maintenance notifications, incorporate images as photographic evidence of the event, and notify and close the maintenance cycle.


The product consists basically of three pillars of action:

  • Technical consulting service for the implementation of Fiori resources.
  • Installation of the Starter kit, which requires at least ERP 6.0 EHP5.
  • Adaptability to the installed base relative to the notification searches corresponding to each maintenance worker.

SAP Fiori screenshot

The procedure on the tablet or smartphone is very intuitive and easy, and is used to register the following information:

  • Warning type.
  • Selection of technical object.
  • Description + Descriptive Main.
  • Priority
  • Desired start date.
  • Object part.
  • Images or files.


The notifications list may also be viewed.

SAP Fiori screenshot
In addition to the above, it is possible to execute the notification timing process, once the cycle is closed, along with the notifications’ completion data.


Contact us so we can introduce you to this tool and discuss the advantages it could contribute to your company.


Feedback/discussion with the author: Luis Sasmay, Functional Solutions Architect at Novis.