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KidZania migrates SAP ERP and SAP BI to AWS

Last updated : July 23, 2018
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KidZania migrates SAP ERP and SAP BI to AWS

As another new step in the consolidation of the three-year strategic alliance between KidZania and Novis, the entertainment company chose AWS’ platform as the cloud infrastructure for its systems.

The concept behind KidZania is one of the most original and advanced in terms of amusement centers and family entertainment, where both adults and children are guaranteed fun. Like many other companies today, KidZania faced important challenges in the systems area, since innovation, technological sprints, permanent updates, and the associated costs, imply complex scenarios that must be acknowledged. As part of the evolution towards digital transformation, Novis proposed to KidZania migrating their systems to Amazon’s public cloud (AWS), applying the best practices for SAP management and systems operation.

KidZania then made the decision to do it, maintaining the strategic alliance with Novis and, through the company, with Rackspace and Amazon, their partners. This solution offered a platform with high security, quality, and flexibility standards, which is why it was the selected option to migrate their transactional and intelligence SAP systems, thus ratifying the service Novis has provided so far.

Specifically, Novis offered KidZania architectures designed and validated for SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP ERP) and Business Intelligence (SAP BI) solutions. Among the benefits these provide are:

  • Communications protocol via VPN IPSec end-to-end encryption to ensure the protection of data in transit.
  • Implementation of constantly monitored best practices, in accordance with compliance rules
  • Activity logs to regulate and conduct operational risk and compliance audits in AWS’ account.
  • Installation of virtual SAP systems to separate the underlying infrastructure from SAP services.
  • Advanced monitoring using AWS and Nagios tools with full platform visibility, from infrastructure details in AWS, to resource consumption components in SAP systems..

The migration process was a complete success as a result of the planning and teamwork done with KidZania; all types of operational risks were mitigated and the migration was completed in only six hours, significantly improving their systems’ response times.

During the three years of relationship with Novis, joint progress has been made in the improvement of systems, response times, savings, and in technological evolution.

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