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SAP Hosting and Management

With SAP Hosting services we provide on demand IT infrastructure from datacenters as well as public clouds.

Conventional hosting and outsourcing require a detailed itemization of the included services and components, or those tasks which are the provider’s responsibility, since the contract agreement is not established in relation to the final resulting product: the service and its quality. We provide everything SAP and its legacy applications require, both the technical and administrative resources required for its operation and management, overseeing SAP systems availability, capacity and performance. Therefore, your hire a single service, with a quality clearly defined in an SLA (Service Level Agreement).

This service, denominated IT SAP, is encompassed in a monthly fee that includes everything necessary for proper SAP operation, so you can focus on your core business.

Lower Total Cost and Risk, Higher Quality.

Over 150 companies, with more than 500 managed SAP instances, endorse our experience.

Contact us to discuss your needs, for example SAP cloud, so we can assess your specific case.