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SAP Fiori: Why and how to use it

Last updated : December 26, 2022
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SAP Fiori: Why and how to use it

SAP Fiori has evolved into a design-driven system, aimed at improving the user experience.


Since we published the first version of this article in 2015 (see below), SAP Fiori has had a spectacular development. We can summarize it as follows:

  • In 2016 SAP Fiori 2.0 was released. In this version, the user experience was extended and improved with a new Launchpad that included a notification area and a Me area, making up what is now called Viewport. This new design made it easier to use frequently used applications, gave a unified view of important events and presented more customization options. This version can now be used with SAP Business Suite, on HANA or anyDB, or with SAP S/4HANA from version 1610.
  • SAP Fiori 3.0 was announced in 2018. This version will be released in stages, starting with developer tools. It further improves the interface and user experience, unifies it as a single point of entry for all SAP applications, whether on premise and on cloud, including for example SuccessFactors, Ariba, Concur, C4C, SCP; there is even the possibility of integrating non-SAP applications. This version also includes mobile versions for iOS and Android with native apps, which allow the integration of the mobile device's own functionality (maps, GPS, notifications, etc.). Finally, the SAP CoPilot digital assistant is fully included, with its conversational interface in natural language.
  • The availability of applications has increased exponentially. At https://fioriappslibrary.hana.ondemand.com we can see all available apps, organized by SAP application, by line of business, by industry, by roles, etc. For SAP Business Suite there are 825 apps; for SAP S/4HANA there are more than 14,000 apps
  • Easier deployment from version 2.0 onwards, with a quick initial activation and adjustment stage during test or production use.
  • Fiori Lighthouse Apps: a set of (for now) 85 apps for S/4HANA that ostensibly improve the user experience, or enable previously unsupported tasks and processes to run, or simplify work and increase efficiency.

With Fiori 3.0 there is a strong emphasis on custom app development, complemented by the tools available in SCP, now BTP. This emphasis is consistent with the global trend towards digital transformation and agile development.

SAP Fiori can be implemented quickly, as it does not require major changes, especially if the backend system (e.g., SAP ERP) is up to date. A proper implementation can improve the user experience, not only because of its friendlier appearance, but also because it can optimize the number of steps required by the user to perform his tasks. Based on our experience with these implementations, we can recommend a special methodology for the project, with special emphasis on certain critical configuration points. In this way, costs and deadlines are reduced as well as the risks of the implementation.

Today SAP Fiori, more than a technology, is presented as a design system, oriented to improve the user experience of SAP solutions. Apart from the large number of available applications, SAP Fiori allows each client to simply develop different apps for their specific needs, to increase the productivity and ease of use experienced by users.

To this end, SAP provides its clients not only with Fiori end products, but also with design guidelines and development tools (SAPUI5), especially in its BTP (Business Technology Platform) cloud.

At Novis we can help you implement SAP Fiori and develop Fiori apps tailored to your needs.

If you would like to learn more about our extensive experience with medium and large companies, contáctenos and we will support you.

Feedback/discussion with author Glen Canessa, Novis Presales Director.

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