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SAP and Public Cloud News

Webinar Cybersecurity for SAP applications on the Cloud

Considerations to migrate and operate SAP securely in AWS

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Renovate hardware or migrate to a public cloud?

The trend towards public clouds is evermore clear. Some, however, still prefer to have their own infrastructure. In this article we discuss new elements to take into consideration.

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Advantages of migrating SAP on SQL Server to Azure

Clients working with SAP on SQL Server face an urgent decision. Before the end of 2021 they must regularize their Microsoft licenses but, unless they plan to change the current SQL Server data engine, the easiest and cheapest solution turns out to be migrating to Azure.

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La Europea migrates from SAP HEC to GCP with Novis services

The company began the migration to reduce costs and obtain better services: scalability, flexibility, security, and high availability. In this article we discuss the evaluation and the results of the process.

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Discover the benefits of operating SAP with Novis Cloud Manager

Our platform to automate SAP operations in the public cloud with high standards of security, agility and efficiency.

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Consolidated financial statements: problems and solutions

Consolidation in companies is a complex process that can involve different areas and companies, with different sources of information. Here we analyze the classic problems and the alternative solutions.

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Novis ranks among the best IT service providers, ENTI 2021

"In the ENTI study of CetiUC 2021, the IT managers of the main companies in the country evaluated Novis very well. It was considered the best among the companies that provide SAP services."

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